An Introduction to CNBS and Our 3 Core SAP Solutions

Published by Darick Dunaway

On July 5, 2018

For nearly a decade, CNBS has been helping customers with software solutions that integrate directly with SAP. Our SAP solutions are unique because they reside directly inside SAP as a certified add-on which allows for real-time integration with no middleware. Our 3 core SAP solutions include E-Commerce, Payment Portals, and Mobility Solutions.

Our main value proposition is that we offer solutions to SAP companies who want systems that are directly integrated with SAP but who also want to avoid long implementation times and expensive software costs. Companies between $50 million and $1 billion in revenue are our sweet spot but we also work with companies that fall outside of this range.

Many of our customers have been using our SAP solutions for 5+ years. The main reasons they choose CNBS are the expertise of our staff, the quality of our solutions, the short implementation times, and that we are constantly rolling out new updates and functionality. Talking with customers, one of the reasons they like our solutions is it’s something they don’t even have to think about from a technical side, the solutions have nearly 100% uptime and require little to no maintenance. A company running millions of dollars through their e-commerce site or payment portal doesn’t have to worry about whether the system will go down or break. Companies utilizing mobile apps to help run their business can focus on improving processes and adding new functionality and not worry about whether the app is going to crash or not communicate with SAP in the right way.

The other big competitive advantage we have at CNBS is our SAP consultants, project managers, and developers. When our customers do new updates or start new projects, many times they will ask for certain people to be on the project. We develop relationships with our customers and they come back time and time again because of the expertise of our staff when doing an implementation or update. Our customers refer us to other companies and will send us positive feedback without being asked.

Now that we’ve established a high-level overview on who we are, what we do, who we do it for, and why we are the best, I want to go over our 3 core SAP Solutions.


CNBS is the exclusive North American reseller of an amazing E-Commerce solution developed in Austria by the company WECO. WECO E-Commerce is a certified SAP add-on that resides directly in SAP and is used to power E-Commerce sites. We work with both B2B and B2C customers with the majority in the B2B space. For many of these customers, they have custom functionality needs that match their business process.  The platform allows us to make these customizations and configurations. We have some customers that have over 100,000 parts and products for sale on their site and our solution allows the site to easily handle this type of load. We are currently on Version 7 of the software and each new version comes with a long list of added features and functionality that our customers can utilize. Often times, these features come directly from feedback and requests we get from our customer.

The main feedback I get from customers is the E-Commerce site works very well and it’s something we don’t have to worry about from a technical side. This allows customers to focus on how to improve the site from an operational and business process side, not from a technical side.

Mobility Solutions

SAP can be very bulky and hard to use for the average person. However, SAP is the lifeblood for many enterprise companies and they need all data and business processes to flow through SAP. When dealing with a workforce that is on the road, in a warehouse, or has limited access to a computer, it’s important that that workforce is able to access certain SAP data and is also able to send information back to SAP. Even though mobile and web applications have been around for a while, CNBS has perfected the ability to be able to make calls to SAP in real-time with no middleware and allow mobility solutions to communicate directly with SAP. With this piece of the puzzle solved, companies are now able to focus on solutions and use cases that allow their businesses to run more efficiently, smarter, and help lower operational costs.

Imagine you have 1,000 employees across the United States doing service and maintenance type work for your customers. Many times, this workforce are experts in repairs and maintenance but might not be very good with technology, especially a huge ERP system that they have to access securely from a desktop. Now, imagine that you equip that workforce with an iPad or iPhone that they are very familiar with and give them the processes and information that they need in an easy to use way. This allows the management team to get data faster from the field and empowers the field workers to bring more value to the company by being able to handle any and all situations that might arise directly from their phone or tablet.

SAP is constantly evolving in many directions at once but allowing the workforce to access and communicate with SAP in real-time with an easy to use interface directly from their device is a new wave of business application that more and more companies are starting to take full advantage of.

Payment Portals/Web AR

In a world where everything is digital, it’s surprising how many companies are still handling payments in old ways with either checks or outdated payment systems with limited functionality and high transaction fees. CNBS offers a new and dynamic payment portal that allows our customers to offer a convenient way for their customers to view, search, and pay invoices. We can customize the look and feel of the payment portal to fit our customers needs. As with our other solutions, our payment solution communicates with SAP in real-time. Many of our customers are doing over 10,000 transactions a month and taking in millions of dollars through our system. Our solution is PCI compliant and removes the risk of storing sensitive financial data. Since our solution resides in SAP, we have rapid implementation times. The value of a robust payment portal is reduced operational costs by allowing customers to pay electronically. For our customers, the other value is offering a better experience by allowing their customers to make payments easier and be able to easily find all previous invoices. As with all our solutions, we are constantly improving.

Our goal from the SAP solutions side is to constantly enhance our current offering and better communicate all of the features, functionality, and value propositions to our customers and prospects. If your company is running SAP and you are interested in our E-Commerce, Mobility, or Payment Solutions, please contact me today:

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