A Vector Graphic with the words "Selecting the right SAP B2B eCommerce platform" with the logos of 6 companies. CNBS, Shopify, Sap Hybris, Salesfroce, Magento, Sitecore)

Selecting the Right SAP B2B eCommerce Platform

Understanding the challenges of B2B eCommerce While similar to their B2C counterparts, B2B eCommerce platforms have the unique challenge of simplifying the complex B2B ordering process between buyer and seller. To illustrate the difference, let’s look at an example of... Read More

SapphireNow 2019 Top 10 Takeaways, with an image of SAP CEO Bill Mcdermott

Top 10 Takeaways from SAPPHIRE NOW 2019

This year’s SAPPHIRE NOW was the 30th anniversary of the conference. As SAP CEO Bill McDermott explained, “it was fitting as 30,000 guests attended the conference in Orlando this year.” While many topics were discussed throughout the week, these are the top 10... Read More

Technology background with the words "SAP CLoud PLatform: a high level overview in front"

SAP Cloud Platform: A High-Level Overview

Recently, Stefan Kyntchev and I attended an SAP workshop in Atlanta provided to SAP partners.  Our goals were to get a better handle on what SAP Cloud Platform offers and to get some hands-on experience. While not new to mobile and enterprise application development... Read More

"WECO E-Commerce Version 8.0 is Here"with people celebrating

WECO E-Commerce Version 8.0 Is Here!

WECO Version 8.0 has been released and our customers have access to new enhancements and features. WECO Version 8.0 comes with a long list of functionality enhancements. Some of these enhancements include an updated user interface, more robust analytics, external... Read More

SAP Payments Blog "Using SAP to Deliver a More Intuitive B2B Payment Experience"

Using SAP to Deliver a More Intuitive B2B Payment Experience

The number of convenient bill payment options cropping up for consumers seems to grow by the day. Businesses go out of their way to improve the online payment process for consumer-to-business purchases. So why do so many of those same companies fall behind when it... Read More