Office Relief

The Company:

Office Relief is a provider of office equipment and supplies that emphasize safety, health, comfort and productivity in the workplace. Over the last 24 years, Office Relief has earned a solid reputation as ergonomic experts. With this expertise comes a vast product line with a wide range of accessories. CNBS provided Office Relief with the E-Commerce site they deserve with our E-commerce solutions. See how we helped Office Relief and how we could help you to.

The Challenge:

Office Relief had an E-Commerce solution but it wasn’t integrated with SAP in real time.


The data was getting out of sync and caused incorrect pricing numbers and wrong configurable items.


The previous solution was not using standard SAP processes.


Customers were not able to see order history.

The Solution:

CNBS implemented a B2B E-Commerce solution that included standard SAP variant configuration with real-time access to SAP pricing, inventory, and order history.

The Results:

Accuracy of data was exponentially improved and user experience is vastly better.


Enhanced the solution to allow Office Relief to offer customized catalogs for key accounts.


Simplified and secured the site by eliminating unnecessary complexity around data syncing.


Users gained immediate access to order history and all documentation.

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