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The Company:

New South Wales is a major global and Asia-Pacific cultural hub. Home to a diverse population of 7.7 million people, NSW is Australia’s oldest, largest and most cosmopolitan state. It is also an economic powerhouse, with an economy larger than Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition to its cultural and economic strengths, the global status of NSW is underpinned by its international transport links, with over 1000 flights operating per week. These are just a few reasons why NSW is Australia’s first state.

The Challenge:

The use of manual forms, emails with scanned attachments and centralized manual data input resulted in poor quality data, slow and inefficient processing and significant lost personal and business productivity. Every manual handling of the back office checking and data entry had a fixed service cost.

The key challenge was to provide easy to use secure eForms that would be adopted by the employees and cater for the various government agencies and differing requirements. Two previous eForms initiatives had failed.


The solution needed to fit the branding and style of the eForm design


Complex agency specific rules existed in backend SAP that needed to be followed


The ability to reuse existing workflow components and agent determination existing in SAP was important


NSW Required self sufficiency to support the eForms

The Solution:

NSW government required the capability to build and deliver easy to use, secure electronic forms that deeply integrated to SAP. The ability to use the existing business rules built into their SAP ECC system was a key requirement. Additionally, they needed the ability to be self-sufficient in the support of the Forms solution.

The complexity around the different business rules and required engagement with the different agencies was underestimated, but the solution was able to handle this complexity within each eForm preventing the build of multiple similar eForms per agency. Another challenge was the requirement to provide a different look and feel (not standard Fiori theming) to the eForms. This was handled via custom theming and CSS.

The Results:

The first 10 eForms were delivered on a reliable and secure SAP based platform. Finally, a solution was adopted and successfully deployed and the perceptions of the user community changed. Since then, another 40 eForms were created and these were delivered internally highlighting the sustainability credentials of the Fiori AppBuilder solution.


Digitalization – First 10 forms completed by as a joint effort, and the rest were done internally by NSW team.


All approval tasks were aggregated into our OneList solution available everywhere.


Manual processing cost savings due to automation


Sustainability – ability to support internally


Complete adoption by all Agencies using the eForm


Ability to use SAP workflow and consistent workflow management

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