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Accelerate your Accounts Receivable with CNBS ePAY – a Modern, Web-based enterprise payment portal for SAP


24/7 self-service portal for customers


Real-time payments


PCI compliant

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CNBS SAP ePay Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Device Screenshots

Customer Friendly SAP AR online Payment portal

With ePAY, your customers can view and pay their invoices conveniently from anywhere. Improve your credit to cash ratio and lower your financial compliance risk. ePAY reduces the workload on your internal resources by providing customers a 24/7 self-service portal to view statements and pay their SAP invoices in real-time.

CNBS SAP ePay Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Device Screenshots

Built from the ground up to handle complex payment scenarios

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Reduce Operational Costs

Allowing customers to pay electronically lowers the cost of the AR process, reduces the support effort and gives you time to focus on your core business.

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Happy Customers

Allow employees to access SAP through something that they are already accustomed to, a web browser or a mobile device or chat.

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Increased Transparency

Our tight integration with SAP affords customers a complete view of their OTC document flow and accounts receivable entries.

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Modern and Flexible

ePAY uses the latest Web technologies to deliver a responsive user interface that scales across desktop, tablets, and phones.

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Realtime SAP Integration

ePAY eliminates the need for middleware or data replication. Invoices, payments and payment methods are always based on a realtime SAP information.

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Safe and Secure

ePAY is secure and PCI compliant – all sensitive information is transferred over encrypted channels from start  to finish.

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Learn how CNBS helps Nobel Biocare streamline their Accounts Receivable

Nobel Biocare implemented ePAY in June 2020 without delays and under budget

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Integrate with your existing eCommerce

ePAY is designed to seamlessly integrate with eCommerce solutions your customers already use. ePAY’s rich set of REST APIs gives your customer access to all ePAY functionality directly from within the eCommerce web store.


Supports a variety of way to link users to SAP accounts (e.g. Payer, Sold-To)


Integrated account statements with flexible invoice search

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Screenshot of the CNBS Software SAP ePay Invoice Search Screen
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Ready for the Real World

ePAY was built from the ground up to handle complex payment scenarios. Customers can pay invoices for several Payers or Sold-Tos as well as apply partial payments.  Support for multiple languages and currencies makes CNBS ePAY the payment portal of choice for many international brands.


Simplified user registration, including self registration


Ability to process residual payments


Highly Customizable to match customer look, feel and brand

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Realtime SAP Integration

If you are using Accounts Receivable Module in SAP (FI-AR), ePAY eliminates the need for middleware or data replication. Invoices, payments and payment methods are always based on live SAP information.


Quick payments via stored credit cards, accepts credit cards, e-check


Fully PCI Compliant

Screenshot of the CNBS Software SAP ePay Invoice Payment Screen
“ Thank you to CNBS for their tireless work on this project throughout its lifecycle to ensure continued success. The teamwork on this project has been astounding. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a professional and hard-working team…”

Micquella Galea, Global Product Mgr Online Services at Nobel Biocare

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Is ePAY data shown in real-time?

Yes, all data in ePAY is real-time. Absolutely no data synchronization. 

Is the Solution PCI Compliant?

Yes. Raw credit card data is never stored or transmitted across client systems.

Where is ePAY installed?

The ePAY back-end application layer is installed via a set of SAP transports into the clients existing SAP system. The front-end REACT JS and .NET Core layer has several options for installation including  AWS or other private cloud, Azure Enterprise, or on a stand-alone web server within the clients environment.

Does ePAY support multiple languages and currencies?

Yes.  It comes with 8 languages out of the box and supports the same currencies used within the SAP system.

Can ePAY be branded to match our corporate brand?

Yes, ePAY is easily customizable using CSS styling to match your corporate brand.

How long does it take to implement ePAY?

Out-of-the-box ePAY can be implemented in as little as 6-8 weeks.