Under Armour

The Company:

Under Armour is an American Sports apparel company. A giant in the Industry Under Armour does nearly 4 billion in revenue each year. With millions of customers Under Armour relies on the best companies to create and maintain their state-of-the-art Payment portals. CNBS has had the pleasure to work with Under Armour supplying their payment portal since 2014. Read below to see how we’ve helped Under Armour and how we can possible help you to.

The Challenge:

Under Armour needed a payment portal that integrated directly with SAP in real time.


Manual processes around accounts receivable caused additional work and lost time.


On the phone, both customers and employees lost time discussing invoices and payments.


Customers wanted to handle payments and view invoices online.

The Solution:

CNBS helped implement a payment portal that allowed Under Armour’s customers to view, search, and pay invoices online. The solution is PCI compliant and Under Armour doesn’t have to worry about storing sensitive financial information.

The Results:

Under Armour was able to improve their accounts receivable process.


Lowered number of calls to customer service about invoices and payments.


Better customer experience by allowing their customers view and search invoices online.


Lowered liability with a PCI compliant solution.


Sustainability – ability to support internally


Complete adoption by all Agencies using the eForm


Ability to use SAP workflow and consistent workflow management

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