enosiX Enterprise Apps for SAP®

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Introducing a Mobile Solutions Revolution!

Over 100+ clients have already beaten their competition to field powerful mobile applications using the enosiX Framework as their integration solution. This development Framework is about simplifying enterprise mobility, giving you the choice and flexibility to use existing app templates, or develop your own to fit your business’ unique needs.

Whether you want to mobilize a SAP® process for the sales team or merge disparate back-end systems into a seamless mobile application experience, the enosiX Framework is strategic solution you’re looking for.

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Flexibility Options

Want to use your in-house team? You can. Need a template to get you stared? No problem. Have an idea for an app and need a team to build it from scratch? We got you covered. Whatever stage you’re at with mobility, the enosiX Framework lightens the workload to produce highly capable mobile apps faster, and at a dramatically lower cost.

Ditch the Middleware

The enosiX Framework resides within your SAP environment. No middleware means less hardware, less staff and ultimately, less cost.

Serious about Security

Each move goes through your existing SAP security infrastructure to protect your data. No need to write a lot of code to check authorizations, enosiX leverages SAP’s Security & Authorizations.

Lean Development

The enosiX Framework enables.NET developers to talk to SAP without learning a new language. No need to hire additional experts to avoid being lost in translation. Lower costs. Increased speed.

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