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Simplify your ECC and S4/HANA business processes with Fiori

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SAP Fiori is the hottest technology to modernize your SAP business processes. Replace convoluted SAP screens with simple, mobile friendly Web Apps that your employees will love. Incorporate paper based workflows, multi-level approvals and Robotic Process Automation to run your business more efficiently.

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Thousands of SAP Fiori Apps

There are many  SAP FIori Reference Applications that are freely available for both ECC and S4/HANA. With so many applications, how do you find the right ones? Once you find the app you need, how do you customize it to fit YOUR business process?

It all starts with a clear focus and the right process. We use Design Thinking and Agile Delivery to build solutions that make real difference right from the start.

SAP Fiori Apps Icons

Let us guide your Fiori Journey

Want to "dip your toes" in Fiori?

…but not sure where to start? We can show you what SAP Fiori Apps are already freely available from SAP. If we can’t find what you’re looking for, let us help you build a ProofofConcept Prototype together. Can’t wait to start? Check out Ultimate Guide to SAP Fiori our see how Fiori works on our FREE Fiori JumpStart webinar.  

Ready to build something?

…and looking to improve a specific SAP business process? Tap into our experience and bootstrap your project with
one of the many Fiori Starter Kits. 

Already embraced Fiori?

 …but frustrated with how long it takes to build Fiori apps? This is why we created Fiori AppBuilder – a LOW CODE, Rapid Development Tool that turns your ABAP developers into Fiori Superstars.

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Ultimate Guide to SAP Fiori

Take a look at our Ultimate Guide. You will find answers to many of the questions our customers asked over the years 

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Bootstrap your project with a Fiori Starter Kit

Simple apps for CAPEX Management, Approvals, Purchase Requisitions, HR On boarding and Vendor Portals because the standard SAP processes are just not efficient. Fiori starter kits provide mobile accessibility, ease of use and a simplicity your employees will love. 

What’s unique about our SAP Fiori Starter Kits? Our Fiori apps are designed around end-to-end processes, regardless of how many transactions are needed. With integrated Excel imports, workflow and a unified Inbox you’re given all the tools needed to keep your employees working efficiently.   

Looking to implement a Fiori solution now?

Here are some of our most popular Fiori Starter Kits

Capex Management

HR Apps for Employees

Simple Approval Process

Master Data Management

Purchase Requisitions

HR Apps for Managers

Mobile Sales Order Processing

Mobile Service Orders

Struggling to scale your Fiori Team? 

Traditionally, it takes multiple developers and different languages to create single Fiori AppFiori AppBuilder is a rapid development tool installed directly on your SAP system and allows your existing SAP team to create custom Fiori apps in record time. See a Fiori AppBuilder Demo today! 

Fiori AppBuilder helps you build SAP Fiori Applications with less effort than ever before. What is Fiori SAP without simplicity? Experience the Fiori AppBuilder today! 

SAP Fiori Backend to Frontend Demo Showing what native SAP looks like in Fiori 3.0
SAP Capex Automation best practices ebook Cover

FREE Fiori JumpStart Webinar

Want to see SAP Fiori in action? Let us show you what Fiori apps are freely available from SAP in the Fiori App Library. We will be glad to answer any questions about Fiori and DEMO any app that you think may be applicable to your needs.

You’re in Good Company

For nearly a decade, CNBS has been helping mid-sized enterprise companies solve challenges
through our top-notch SAP solutions and experienced staff.

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CNBS helped MMG implemented Mobile Approvals to reduce approval cycles by 75% and generate savings in excess of $1 Million per annum (For one single process). 

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CNBS helped NSW Government they required the capability to build and deliver easy to use, secure electronic forms that deeply integrated to SAP. 40 eForms were created and these were delivered internally highlighting the sustainability credentials of the Fiori AppBuilder solution.

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CNBS helped Allied Pinnacle after a large merger, they needed to consolidate and improve the sales ordering process.  After 100% adoption of a new Fiori app by both SAP and non SAP sales reps.​ Allied Pinnacle saw a 17% reduction in order processing cost and a 20% Increase in sales order volume.

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We originally discounted Fiori because we did not believe we could create a solution in a reasonable timeframe with our current team. This project showed us otherwise.

Dan McMenomy, Tessenderlo Kerley

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A great place to peek into the technology behind our products or learn about best practices or which features our customers are using most often. 

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