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Focusing on the right approach

At its core, Digital Transformation usually targets 3 goals:

   1. Improve business efficiency
   2. Empower employees
   3. Exceed customer expectations

Traditional Digital Transformation focuses on improving business efficiency by automating or digitalizing an existing process to make it more efficient.

What if you can find a solution that delivers improvements in two or even all three targets? How much better would be the return on investment be and  how do you find such solution?

Design Thinking

Increasing ROI of Digital Transformation

Design Thinking is a modern approach to digitizing business processes. It brings elements from human centered design like empathy and experimentation to discover innovative business solutions that both improve efficiency and empower users.

Through Design Thinking we take a fresh look at your business processes. We focus on what future customers really want and need, instead of blindly automating an old process or making risky bets based on “instincts”. We use the power of Design Thinking to build a harmonious interaction between technology and the people who use it to deliver custom solutions that maximize ROI and delight customers.

Agile Delivery

Delivering on time and budget

While Design Thinking focuses on discovering the optimal solution, Agile methodology targets the best way to deliver that solution on time and budget.

The core of our agile delivery is a deep collaboration between customer and our delivery team where we will work together to focus on features with the highest business value. Once we agree on priority, we deliver quickly over several short (two week) iterations. Short development cycle is a key as it gives stakeholders a chance to see real progress within weeks, provide feedback, but more importantly gives the team a chance to re-adjust priorities or even add or remove features.

Our customers love that Agile brings a high visibility on the relationship between effort (time and money) and delivered business value such that resources are not wasted on functionality that is rarely or never used. 

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