CNBS helps Nobel Biocare streamline their Accounts Receivable

Published by Jon-Paul Kroger

On August 21, 2020

At CNBS, nothing makes us happier than seeing how our solutions make a positive impact in the business of our customers. Nobel Biocare is a long time CNBS customer where we recently completed an implementation of ePay, our web based SAP Accounts Receivable payment portal. In this post, Micquella Galea, Global Product Mgr Online Services at Nobel Biocare shares her experience working with the CNBS team during the entire project lifecycle – from requirements gathering, to implementation, UAT and post delivery support. 

“…In order to improve customer experience, the product team at Nobel Biocare started to investigate possible options to facilitate the integration of our eCommerce and SAP ERP solutions. We had several requirements provided by different stakeholders and through an internal vendor selection process, we decided to go with the ePay solution offered by CNBS.

After providing CNBS with a complete list of requirements, we worked together with the internal team at CNBS and were provided with a high-level budgetary cost estimate for the entire solution customized to our needs. This allowed us to secure project funding. We then started looking into scoping each requirement and identifying whether each requirement was available out of the box or through customization. This process showed our Nobel Biocare team how extensively the CNBS team understood their product, as the task was handled professionally and efficiently. We were pleased to find that many of our requirements were provided in the out of the box version of ePay which of course drove costs down. This allowed CNBS to provide us a more detailed cost estimate of the work required.

During implementation we were directly connected to the CNBS team via the project manager and allowed us the ability to quickly answer any open questions. We requested several design and user experience changes which were accommodated without problems. The implementation phase was a breeze.




CNBS made sure to keep us aware of all costs and where they stood throughout the entire duration of the project. This was communicated to us in a weekly meeting which offered us constant visibility of project costs to ensure we did not go over budget. Communication with the team was welcomed and encouraged which allowed the project to proceed seamlessly without any delays.

The project launched worldwide in June 2020 under budget. The project received positive attention from management and leadership due to its timeliness and budgeting efficiencies especially given that it was implemented and launched during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Following the launch, we experienced some minor issues which were resolved during the two-week (post-launch) hypercare phase. The project became such a resounding success with hundreds of invoices accessed and paid shortly after launch which is an attest to the ease of use and customer focused user design. We have also received countless emails from customers on how much they love the new invoice management solution.

Thank you to CNBS, especially Jon-Paul, Matt, Martin, and Michael for their tireless work on this project throughout its lifecycle to ensure continued success. The teamwork on this project has been astounding. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a professional and hard-working team…”

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