Ergonomics company finds real-time e-commerce solution is a good fit

Published by Darick Dunaway

On November 13, 2019

In late 2017, Office Relief, a California based company with a focus on safety, health, comfort and productivity in the workplace approached CNBS in search of a replacement for their existing Magento e-commerce solution.  The company was facing several issues impacting their ability to provide the focus and support their customers expect. As a relatively small company, Office Relief services several Fortune 500 companies, so customer satisfaction is key to their success.

Office Relief provided their customers with individual pricing and custom catalogs featuring product configurations specific to their needs. Managing more than 50 customer catalogs and a myriad of configurations and customer-specific pricing was laborious. They maintained products and pricing in their SAP e-commerce system, and first maintained product configurations in spreadsheets before loading them into Sales Force for additional updates.  All these pricing and product configurations then had to be synchronized to their Magento e-commerce system via batch processes. The result was often incorrect pricing, incorrect product configurations and unhappy customers.

Office Relief approached CNBS for a demonstration of our WECO e-commerce solution, and during the demo there was lively give-and-take with questions about complex topics such as how variant configuration was handled by WECO. The Office Relief team later told us that after the conference call ended, they looked at each other and said, “they understand us.”  We signed the deal and CNBS went to work solving the team’s issues.


The first task was to eliminate Office Relief’s error-prone product configuration issues by implementing standard SAP variant configuration that the WECO e-commerce solution will honor and display out of the box. By using SAP standard and WECO, the data only needed to be maintained once in SAP. Gone were the days of data residing in multiple systems and synchronization processes. 

Next was the implementation of both B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions. Because WECO is a SAP-certified solution that installs directly into their SAP system, Office Relief now had a robust solution that presented all their data in real time.  Pricing, catalogs and product configurations updated in SAP were immediately reflected on the website. This allowed the Office Relief team to get back to providing the level of service their customers expected, and that differentiated them from their competitors.

CNBS is a small company as well, and we know the value of customer service that exceeds expectations. Our success is directly tied to the success of our customers. We look to establish partnerships – not just the typical customer-vendor relationship.  Working with Office Relief was a real pleasure. The project team developed a bond that continues to this day and CNBS is happy to see Office Relief succeed. 

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