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What is Fiori Capex

CAPEX for SAP Fiori is a fully automated Capital Expenditure management solution that is both quick to deploy and flexible to adapt to your unique requirements. Improve your SAP Capital Expenditure business process with interactive web forms, integrated budget tracking, supporting document management and faster mobile approvals.

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Responsive, mobile-enabled electronic forms for CAPEX requests, purchase requests, goods receipts and asset valuation.

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Executive Productivity

Optimizes productivity and decision-making with contextualized CAPEX review and approval on mobile devices.

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Process Efficiency

Accelerates CAPEX turnaround time, efficiency and throughput.

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Enforces compliance with CAPEX policies by providing transparency and visibility, and actively including all stakeholders.

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Review and Approvals

Collaborative review and approval of CAPEX Requests. In one list and on any device, with supporting documentation and integration to SAP.

SAP Supporting Documentation

Supporting Documentation

Easy attachment, storage and retrieval of supporting documentation inside and outside SAP.

SAP Capex Automation best practices ebook Cover

Learn the best practices for SAP Capex Automation.

Deep SAP Integration of Budgets, Transactions and Workflow

Maintain annual capital budgets, raise planned and ad-hoc Authorization For Expenditure requests, get timely approvals and integrate with SAP to create cost controlling projects, purchase orders and ultimately Fixed Assets.

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CAPEX requests

Form-driven CAPEX requests with quantitative and qualitative justification, contextualized review and approval, and seamless integration to CAPEX budgets in SAP.

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CAPEX analytics

Analyze CAPEX spend in real-time directly from within Excel.

SAP Capex Analytics in real time directly in Excel
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CAPEX analytics

Analyze CAPEX spend in real-time directly from within  Excel.

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Purchase requests

Simplify purchasing based on approved CAPEX projects with expedited approvals.

SAP Capex Purchase Requisitions Screenshot
Coca Cola Bottling Company - CNBS Software SAP Customers

CCHBC is one of the world’s largest bottlers for the Coca Cola Company. CCHBC implemented this solution to deliver a comprehensive Capital Investment Management solution.

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Keep up to date with what is going on at CNBS. We post about events we sponsor or attend, new technologies or challenges our engineers are dealing with.

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Webinars and eBooks

A great place to peek into the technology behind our products or learn about best practices or which features our customers are using most often. 

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