Intelligent Robotic Process Automation 

Let software robots do the tedious and repetitive tasks so your people can focus on what is important – your customers!

What is RPA?

RPA is a technology that relies on software robots (also known as “bots”) to automate repetitive tasks that humans do now manually in business applications. RPA tools help companies leverage technology to improve productivity and reduce errors for simple, but tedious, tasks that humans have to do to keep the businesses going.

What are the Benefits of RPA?

Nobody wants to do repetitive and error prone tasks like typing, copying or pasting, but many business processes still use older systems that still relay on people to enter or retrieve data. RPA solutions help mainly in two areas – they aid humans by automating tedious tasks and also provide a way, when needed, to scale the execution of those repetitive tasks very efficiently and inexpensively as …software bots can work 24/7.  

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Automate tedious, error prone Tasks

RPA tools are used to effectively replace recurrent and tedious manual tasks. This  improves the efficiency of the workforce as RPA has the ability to complete rule-based tasks more accurately, with less effort.

RPA tools help increase productivity and reduce costs by allowing the workforce to better utilize their time, allowing employees to focus more on essential tasks. Ultimately this helps businesses grow faster and produce better results. 

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Scale and Increase productivity

Many business still rely on manual data entry, and properly scaling those efforts often requires hiring of prohibitively large number of people. RPA bots are easy to develop, deploy, maintain and execute. Bots can quickly scale up using cloud resources and work 24/7 doing the same task much faster and with a great precision. 

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New to Robotic Process Automation?

If you are new to RPA, a great place to start is our Short Introduction to Robotic Process Automation blog post. Want to see an RPA bot in action? Here is a short video of RPA bot creating a Sales Order in SAP GUI and Fiori.

Let us help with your first (or next) RPA Automation project

Use our experience to get most of your RPA efforts. Our RPA implementations follow a 3 phase process that aligns both people and business environment for proper automation.

Analyze and Prepare

Our RPA Architect will review and recommend the proper approach to automate your business process. We learned long time ago that not all business tasks lend themselves to automation and we will suggest where tasks need to be adjusted to make them more “bot-friendly” 

Develop and Test

Our RPA engineers will select the proper tools based on your environment (we work with both UIPath and SAP RPA) to program and test bots. We also take into account different conditions and exceptions that they may encounter in their execution.

Deploy and Monitor

 We will assist with deploying bots on their execution environment – either on premise or in the cloud. We will share our best practices for scheduling and monitoring bot execution across multiple processes as well as plan for contingencies when changes to business processes require changes in bot’s behaviors.

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