Using SAP to Deliver a More Intuitive B2B Payment Experience

Published by Darick Dunaway

On February 7, 2019

The number of convenient bill payment options cropping up for consumers seems to grow by the day. Businesses go out of their way to improve the online payment process for consumer-to-business purchases. So why do so many of those same companies fall behind when it comes to business-to-business payments?

Common B2B Payment Pain Points

It’s easier for companies to enable more C2B payment options due to the simplicity of the transaction. The customer wants something from the business, they pay for it, and the cycle is complete. There’s no one else who needs to issue approvals or match up invoices in another system, to make sure the books balance.

Stuck in the Past

That’s not the case for B2B payments. One of the reasons nearly 51% of businesses today still rely on paper checks as their primary payment option is due to the complexity of using other methods. While many vendors would love to make payments electronically, the A/R departments of many companies aren’t equipped to handle most modern forms of payment – even credit cards, online.

There are also concerns about the security of online payments. Many businesses aren’t equipped to deal with securing their payment transactions adequately. The idea of hackers gaining access to sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and other vendor details, is enough to keep many organizations trapped in paper mode.

Stuck in the Present

Things aren’t much better for organizations that have invested in an online B2B payment platform. The struggle begins when they adopt out-of-the-box solutions not tailored to the needs of the business. Some custom code interfaces built for support may be out of date or require updates the staff isn’t equipped to handle.

Although SAP ERP software offers a way to create unique solutions for enterprise organizations, it can be easily misconfigured by developers or engineers who don’t understand the complexity of B2B payments. An unwieldy online payment platform is often enough to discourage vendors from making it their primary payment option.

Common Online B2B Payment Issues

  • Inefficient Invoice Tracking
  • Problems reconciling partial payments from vendors
  • Payment method doesn’t mesh with ERP system
  • A/R Departments must do manual system validation
  • Inability to manage PCI compliance
  • Poor customer experience

Many companies find it hard to see a path forward once they’ve invested in an inefficient solution. They’re forced to use a payment portal that is not aligned with their client’s needs, and is of no value to their A/R department. Without the right platform designers, it’s hard for a company to see a way out of their current predicament.

Screenshots of CNBS ePay application

Introducing CNBS ePay: The Optimal SAP B2B Payment Solution

CNBS specializes in moving businesses away from paper checks and unwieldy online platforms,  and understands the unique challenges that come with making online B2B payments. That’s why we made sure to address the common pain points encountered during the payment process.

Our Web accounts receivable solution “ePay”, is directly integrated with SAP. ePay also integrates seamlessly with Paymetric’s Open AR and technology and is 100% PCI-compliant so that  you get a robust protection against data breaches. The ePay platform allows vendors to use a variety of payment types, including eCheck, PayPal, and credit cards.

Seamless User Experience

Our ePay solution provides a wide range of customizations to fit your business style and branding. The platform includes a quick search feature for locating invoices which users can convert to a PDF or download into Excel. ePay ensures automatic, real-time updates to client accounts whenever a payment is submitted. The setup also allows for partial payments and easy reconciliation, while eliminating data redundancy which slows down the process.

Quick Installation

CNBS installs ePay directly within your current SAP environment. Since we leverage the information in your current SAP there’s no need to purchase additional add-ons or synchronization solutions . ePay implementations are cost effective quick to implement.

ePay can be used ‘out of the box’ for companies who need something installed quickly, which means you’re up and running in a matter of weeks, not months. And ePay can easily be adapted or upgraded by your internal team as your business needs change and expand. There’s no need for Java or .Net components or anything outside of the ABAP stack.

Cost Overhead Eliminated

  • Scoping the project
  • Creating code from scratch
  • Time spent testing and debugging the application
  • System deficiencies and overruns
  • The need for custom code maintenance as that technology changes

Transform Your B2B Payment Process Using SAP

CNBS comes with years of experience creating successful ePay implementations. Learn more about our ePay solution and improving the payment experience for your clients and A/R staff by calling (877) 897-5100. You may also schedule a demo through our online form.

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